Talents Development

In order to promote university development, improve teaching and research equipment and expand international communications and cooperation, Beijing Jiaotong University sincerely welcomes the donations from domestic and overseas institutions, charity groups, enterprises both at home and abroad, friends and alumni. All the donations will be devoted to the following fields:

Scholarships & Stipend

We would like to set up different scholarships and stipend to create favorable study conditions, assist students to finish education, reward excellent teachers and bring in talents and promote exchanges. At present, about 81 items of scholarships and grants have been set up, including Scholarship Sponsored by Zhijin, Stipend Sponsored by Qian Zhonghou, Scholarship Sponsored by Baosteel Education Fund, Stipend Sponsored by Siyuan, etc.
Donation amount:
Scholarship for Excellent Students: at least 3000 RMB per person
Stipend for Needy Students: at least 2000 RMB per person

International Exchanges

In order to enhance international exchanges and cooperation and improve the international influence of teaching quality, we offered many opportunities for faculty and students to study abroad and other activities such as short-term overseas visits, training, lectures and international academic seminars. Therefore, we have both won recognitions in the international academic stage and promoted the development of research and teaching quality.
Donation amount: 10000 RMB per person

Awards for Teachers

Teaching Awards are set to reward young teachers who have been devoted to teaching course and cultivating talents for China. Current Teaching Award includes Teaching Award Sponsored by Zhijin, Teaching Award Sponsored by Woqi, Teaching Award Sponsored by Baosteel Corporation, Teaching Award Sponsored by Sheenline, etc.
Donation amount: at least 5000 RMB per person

Campus Activities

There are altogether twelve departments under Beijing Jiaotong University Student Union and various activities have been proactively organized each year, including annual “Huiguang Cup” Academic Activities, “Challenge Cup” Scientific Creation Competition, Night of English Culture, Week of Environment Protection, Sports Meetings, etc.

Beijing Jiaotong University Art Troupe with more than 500 members, is the main force for enriching campus cultural life and spreading classical music, which not only enriches the lives of students but also helps cultivate their love for life. Besides, they would organize performances in old revolutionary base areas in vacations, which is welcomed by the local people.

We would organize social practice activities each vacation, such as “Visiting Alumni”, “Volunteer Teaching in Mountain Areas”, etc. The success of these activities cannot be achieved without wide support from all circles of society.

What’s more, in order to spread the honorable tradition of “When you drink water, never shall you forget its source; love your mother land and bring honor to your alma mater ”, dig out the cultural tradition accumulated for decades and mobilize students’ profound interest in campus culture, Education Fund together with university league committee co-organized a series of activities themed with “Beautiful BJTU”, “My Love for BJTU” Multimedia Innovation Plan Competition, “Youth and Love” Student Society Month and other campus activities. All these serve for the goal of inheriting and carrying forward and campus culture.
Donation amount: at least 1000 RMB.

Starting a Business

Each year, many graduates would start their own businesses and “Entrepreneurship Competition” vigorously promoted their passion for entrepreneurship. Starting one’s own business is not only the manifestation of comprehensive capacities, but also a good solution to relieve the pressure of hunting for a job. Up to now, great achievements have been made by alumni-entrepreneur and we need public support to assist students’ starting their own businesses.
Donation amount: Unlimited.