National Research Platforms


State Key Laboratory


  • State Key Laboratory of Railway Traffic Control and Safety
    The establishment of the laboratory is closely connected with the long-term development and society needs of state rail traffic, adhering to the research concept of “integrating the background on the application of fundamental theory research, combining with the demands of the formation of key technologies”.


National Engineering Research Center


  • National Engineering Research Center of Rail Transportation Operation and Control System
    The Center is jointly supported by National Development and Reform Commission, China Railway Corporation and Ministry of Education. For train control systems of high speed railway, urban rail transit and magnetic suspended railway, the Center takes up the following strategic missions: to fulfill the requirement of safe and efficient operation for rail transit system, the Center carries the research on the key  technology and integration of systems, and accelerates innovations to be engineered and industrial. The Center has been involved in making and perfecting the national standards for operation and control system. An appropriate comprehensive testing and verification platform has been established by the center. The Center continuously provides the industry with sophisticated technology and equipment to improve the competitiveness of our national control system, and forms the key technology chain to meet the development needs of rail transit system in China, as well as builds a base for training engineer and manager with high level, high-quality, innovative ability.


National Engineering Laboratory

  • National Engineering Laboratory on Interconnection Technology for Next Generation Internet
    NEL is focused on the cutting-edge research on the mechanisms, theory, and key technologies of future intelligent networks, mobile internet and sensor networks (Internet of Things). It has invented the “Identifier-based Universal Network Architecture” (a brand new future Internet architecture), and built the first IPv6 router in China. Several network devices have been widely deployed in universities, corporations and research institutes, and have been won the first class technological invention award from  Ministry of Education. 
  • National Engineering Laboratory for Urban Rail Transit Communication and Operation Control(joint)
  • National Engineering Laboratory for Urban Rail Transit System Integration(joint)
  • National Engineering Laboratory for Urban Rail Transit System Security(joint)
  • National Engineering Laboratory of Urban Rail Transit Engineering Construction Technology and Technology(joint)
  • National Engineering Laboratories for System Test of High-Speed Railwayjoint

National Energy Research Center

  • National Active Distribution Network Technology Research Center
    The National Active Distribution Network Technology Research Center (NANTEC), founded on 6 February 2013, is governed by National Energy Administration, mainly led by Beijing Jiaotong University, and jointly built by Beijing Electric Power Corporation, Xuji Group Corporation and CSR Zhuzhou Electric locomotive Research Institute Co.Ltd.