Alumni Service

In order to promote the university development, improve teaching and research equipment and expand international communications and cooperation, Beijing Jiaotong University sincerely welcomes the donations from domestic and overseas institutions, charity groups, enterprises both at home and abroad, friends and alumni. All the donations will be devoted to the following fields:

Local Alumni Associations Construction

BJTU Alumni Association aims to reinforce ties between alumni at home and abroad and the alma mater, carry forward university traditions, unite and serve the alumni, and mobilize their intelligence advantages and wide influences, so that we can better contribute to the development of our country and university. Up to now, there are 26 local alumni associations at home and abroad, actively serving as homes of alumni in different places. They function well in uniting and serving alumni, as well as returning society. The establishment and development of local alumni associations cannot be achieved without your support.
Donation amount: Unlimited

Website Building and Maintenance

Since the construction of the website (, it is enriched with colorful contents and welcomed by alumni. A platform based on grades is convenient for alumni of one year to organize activities, which have gradually been an active part of and served as solid foundation of BJTU alumni association. Education Fund website, in accordance with the principles of “accuracy, transparency, timeliness”, serves as a platform of making information open to outside and forming a bridge of communication between the Foundation and society. The website of Federation of Alumni and Enterprises offers information consultation, upcoming events, interactions and other services to alumni entrepreneurs. The website of Cooperation between University and Enterprises aims to promote contacts among local governments and enterprises, alumni enterprises in particular. What’s more, it is set to establish communication mechanism within university and commonly promote the cooperation between university and companies. The website of Board aims to strengthen the contact and cooperation between directors and the university, winning recognition and support from society in order to achieve collaborative innovation and mutual beneficial win-win cooperation.

Those websites are platforms of communication and exchanges and our common home, thus needing our support and care.
Donation amount: Unlimited


Knowledge and Practice at BJTU is the association journal of BJTU Alumni Association, which has played a significant role in exhibiting university situation, promoting alumni contacts, uniting alumni and boosting university development, thus becoming the bridge and bond between university and alumni. As the window of contacting and serving alumni, this journal has published 6 issues since 2005. Besides providing relative information, the journal also becomes the spiritual home for alumni.
Donation amount: 100 RMB or above.

Alumni Activities

It is the spiritual tradition of BJTU alumni culture that we shall never forget the source when drinking water and we shall love our motherland and bring honor to almamater. BJTU alumni work hard in different circles of society and make great contributions to society and country. Over the years, alumni show their concern and care for BJTU through various ways.

Alumni donations are mainly used to organize Alumni Forum, Alumni Seminar, support homecoming activities and set up alumni clubs, etc.
Donation amount: Unlimited