To further promote school development, improve teaching and research facilities, spread external communications and cooperation, Beijing Jiaotong University desires to receive donations from domestic and foreign institutions, charities, enterprises, individuals and alumni. All donations will be used in the following areas:

Trees Donation

Ginkgo trees are widely grown in Beijing Jiaotong University, symbolizing good luck and happiness. 130 donated ginkgo trees will be grown on both sides of the 400-meter road between Siyuan West Building and Yifu Building.
Donation amount:
Individual: 3,000 RMB per tree
Group: 10,000 – 30,000 RMB per tree

Title Sponsorship (Buildings & Venues)

Beijing Jiaotong University covers a total area of almost 1100 mu, and its building area is 780 thousand square meters. At present, there are two campuses: the West and the East. Beijing Jiaotong University boasts not only such antique buildings as Siyuan Building and library but also such modern buildings as Mechanical Building, Yifu Building and Student Activity Center. With the construction of Pinggu new campus in full swing, more and more symbolic buildings are expected to be found in our school. The renovation and construction of these buildings have received enthusiastic support from many social personnel and alumni. In order to guarantee the improvement of hardware and software facilities as well as to build a fantastic environment for study, living and working, we are searching for more social support. Donators will obtain the naming rights for buildings.

Buildings: Those who donate more than or equal to 1/3 construction cost of the building are able to obtain the naming rights for the whole building. Those who donate less than 1/3 construction cost of the building are able to engrave inscriptions on specific parts of the building. The naming rights are only effective during the building usage period.

Landscape or Laboratories: Those who donate more than or equal to 1/3 construction cost of the landscape or disciplinary laboratories are able to obtain the naming rights for the whole counterpart.
Specific issues can be decided on the basis of friendly consultation of both sides.

Chairs Donation

The Tianyou Hall, covering a building area of almost 3,000 ㎡, is located at the west side of the South Gate in Beijing Jiaotong University. With its symbolic and fashionable design, the Tianyou Hall serves as a major venue for holding large-scale academic seminars, conferences, lectures and performances. At present, the Tianyou Hall is under renovation. 1191 beautiful-shaped and upscale chairs will be renovated.
Donation amount: 10,000 RMB per chair

The Student Activity Center, covering a construction area of 16800 ㎡and building area of 58000 ㎡, is located at the south side of the West Gate in Beijing Jiaotong University. The little theatre is located on the third floor of the Center, with steel structure and 164 chairs. It serves as one of the most important infrastructure of the Center, as well as an important venue for students' daily activities, covering art performances, knowledge competitions and large conferences.
Donation amount: 10,000 RMB per chair