Public Service Activities

To further promote school development, improve teaching and research facilities, spread external communications and cooperation, Beijing Jiaotong University desires to receive donations from domestic and foreign institutions, charities, enterprises, individuals and alumni. All donations will be used in the following areas:

Serious Disease Pension

In recent years, many teachers and students in the school are unable to pay for treatments of disease due to poverty. We hope that social friends could dedicate their love and accumulate the serious disease funds in so as to solve the worries of many seriously-ill teachers and students.
Donation amount: Unlimited

Social Assistance

As a public welfare organization, the Education Foundation of Beijing Jiaotong University has long held "showing love to society” as one of the missions. It not only strives to support school development, construction and students cultivation, but also dedicates to social welfare activities. The Education Foundation has organized teachers and students to donate money for the reconstruction work after Wenchuan Earthquake in 2008 and Ya’an Earthquake in 2013. Through tireless efforts, the Education Foundation has become the “firm bridge” for those who support public welfare undertakings. We are willing to work with you to make great contributions to the public welfare undertakings.
Donation amount: Unlimited