Celebrity Forum

1. Hongguoyuan Forum with Masters

"Hongguoyuan Forum with Masters" is one of the ace activities held by the Learning Department of BJTU Students Union. It is the forum’s basic principle to invite those famous people who have won modern students’ attention, expectation and recognition. The forum will offer as much help as possible to students with regard to their long-bearing perplexity, unrealized dreams and expectations for various voices.

The following are some of the forum celebrities:

Well-known commentator: SU Qun

Mr. SU Qun, the chief editor of Basketball Pioneers and well-known basketball commentator reporting NBA Finals and All-Star Game and the Olympics, came to Hongguoyuan Celebrity Forum and shared his commentary career and insights on life with BJTU students.

Chinese famous director: LI Shaohong

Born in July 1955 in Suzhou, Jiangsu, LI Shaohong represents the fifth generation of Chinese female film directors. She joined the Second Independent Division in Sichuan Military Region in 1969, was admitted to the Beijing Film Academy in 1978, and then was assigned to the Beijing Film Studio as a director in 1982. She served as the producer of Chinese TV series “Hong Fen” and “Palace of Desire”. LI came to Hongguoyuan Celebrity Forum and shared her film career and experience with BJTU students.

Young representatives from central government organs

Top masters and renowned scholars such as LIU Fangfei, the CCTV anchor, and WANG Haitao, the President of Beijing New Oriental, etc., come to Hongguoyuan Celebrity Forum at invitations. The forum serves as an exchange and communication platform for students to construct knowledge frameworks, pursue academic innovations and enjoy wisdom of life.

2. “Dialogue with Great Masters” Forum

BJTU launched graduate education innovation project and implemented a “graduate comprehensive quality education program” in 2004, where “Dialogue with Great Masters” Forum is the series activities including academic reports by academicians, famous scholars, business elites, etc. In recent years, BJTU has held more than 1000 forums focusing on academic forefront, psychological education, grassroots employment and other issues.

The forum serves as a platform for graduate academic exchanges and provides opportunities for graduates to communicate face to face with masters. It enables the majority of graduates to better grasp the academic forefront at home and abroad, and broadens their horizons and stimulates creativity. Besides, life experiences of these masters also cultivate graduates’ interest in science and research and encourage their dedication to science and scientific innovations.

"Academicians at Campus" Forum themed as “Life, Work, Scholarship” has been held since 2008, and so far a total of 65 academicians have been invited to the forum to guide graduates to establish a correct outlook on life and values and cultivate their rigorous scientific attitudes, innovative spirits and active participation in scientific research and practice.