Functional Associations

1. Organization Department of BJTU Youth League Committee

As the main front of “organizing the youth”, the Organization Department of BJTU Youth League Committee is the core functional department directly affiliated to BJTU Communist Youth League and is guided and supervised by the Youth League Central Committee and the organization department of Beijing Municipal Youth League Committee. The Organization Department of BJTU Youth League Committee, a learning organization and a solidarity collective, adheres to the perseverant spirit and the “efficient, pragmatic, innovative and outstanding” working style.

May-Fourth Awards Ceremony

2. Publicity Department of BJTU Youth League Committee

As an agency of China Communist Youth League, the Publicity Department of BJTU Youth League Committee sticks to “publicity, education, guidance, communication” as its working principle, adheres to the correct guidance of public opinion, and leads the publicity work at university and school levels, serving as a window for BJTU students to know more about the university and a bridge for communication.

3. BJTU Youth League Committee Office

Youth League Committee Office, another important functional organ, is responsible for strengthening the ties between the various departments of BJTU Youth League Committee and coordinating the work within BJTU Youth League Committee. The Office, in the spirit of an “efficient, pragmatic, excellent, innovative” working philosophy and with strong service awareness, constantly strengthens the construction within departments and plays an increasingly important role. As a general butler in charge of university-level associations, the Office provides a solid financial and material backing for various activities. It serves and befriends rather than governs the youth!

4. Sports and Entertainment Department of BJTU Youth League Committee

As an important functional department of BJTU Youth League Committee, the Sports and Entertainment Department has been dedicated to major sports and entertainment activities under the guidance of BJTU CPC Committee and CYL Committee. The brilliant performance leads the thought of young people, enriches the campus life, broadens students’ horizons, and improves their artistic sentiments and cultural accomplishments.

5. Graduate Student Union

Following the principle of “serving the graduate students”, BJTU Graduates Union, based on its own characteristics and focusing on core tasks of the university, plays the role of a bridge between the university and the graduates, spares no efforts to strengthen ideological and political education of graduate students and strengthen campus culture, and never ceases to consolidate and develop traditional brand activities in ideological and political education, organization-building, academic research, cultural and sports activities, volunteer service practices, etc. It tries to make its own contributions to building BJTU in a world-class distinctive university.

6. Students Union

Students Union is the earliest and the most influential student organization of BJTU, which inherits the fine tradition while keeping with the times over one hundred years of history. Always keeping in mind its historical mission, the Students Union not only organizes clearly-themed traditional activities such as “December 9th” Movement torch relay, but also moves with the times and holds such innovation activities as style show contests, campus singer contests and host competitions to show students’ talents and lead campus culture.

BJTU Students Representative Congress

7. Associations Union of BJTU

BJTU Student Associations Union (hereinafter referred to as “Associations Union”) is a student organization in charge of various student associations under the leadership of the CPC Committee and Youth League Committee of BJTU. It aims to enrich the campus life, improve students’ overall quality, promote students’ growth, and develop campus culture by guiding, managing and serving student societies and associations. On this basis, the basic task of Associations Union is to “lead association cultures, manage association activities, and serve association development”. It is dedicated to leading student organizations to actively cooperate with the university, guiding and helping students with their study, encouraging students to take part in outstanding association activities, and helping associations to develop in a sustainable, healthy and orderly way.


Associations Union Council Conference

8. Science and Technology Association

Science and Technology Association, founded in 1984, is a student science and technology organization under the guidance of Youth League Committee of BJTU. The fundamental goal is to cultivate students’ pursuit of science and genuine knowledge and to encourage them be diligent in thinking and courageous in practice. It follows the principle of “animating science and technology atmosphere, improving science and technology quality, and creating science and technology professionals”, and forms a “brave, innovative, pragmatic, and progressive” working style.
The Association plays a major role in leading students to acquire and use knowledge, and improving campus learning environment as well as other aspects. With the support from the university and joint efforts of association cadres, it enjoys a good reputation among university leaders and has been listed as “Top Ten Associations” for many years.

 “Challenge Cup” Extracurricular Science and Technology Contest

9. “Learn–Practice” Characteristic Theoretical Study Association

BJTU “Learn-Practice” Characteristic Theoretical Study Association is the student’s theory association led directly by CPC Committee and Youth League Committee of BJTU, formerly known as the BJTU Students ‘Three Represents’ Important Thought Learning and Research Association spontaneously founded by students on December 13, 2000. It is the first student’s theory association founded in Chinese universities to study the important thought of “Three Represents” theory. In 2010, the association was renamed the present name to advance with the times at its tenth anniversary.
The association follows the philosophy of “essence theories, boutique activities, elite members”, adheres to the principle of “holding firm political directions, learning scientific theories, combining theory and practice, and enriching campus cultures”, and defends the ideological positions of campus as its mission. Relying on various forms of activities as the carrier, it promotes the socialist core value system on the campus, and strives to equip all students with theoretical training and ideological understanding, so that they could grasp the political direction more accurately and be aware of the historical responsibility on their shoulders.


10. Volunteer Service Group

Volunteer Service Group of BJTU, established in 2001, consists of presidium and ten departments. It has twelve branches with nearly one thousand members. In serving the society, the Group takes “campus-based development, society-oriented dedication” as the guiding ideology, “Learn-Practice” as the motto, and “sacrifice, mutual aid, friendship and progress” as the purpose. The Group annually attracts tens of thousands of volunteers to participate in various volunteer activities for over more than ten years, providing volunteer services for the 21st World University Games from its inception to the Olympic Games in 2008, and International Garden Expo in 2013, etc. It plays a good exemplary role and imposes significant social influence in a range of volunteer activities.


Group Photo of Beijing Marathon Volunteers