Interest Associations

1. Guitar Association

Guitar Association, in the spirit of “lighting life with music”, brings colorful performances to BJTU students, and the “Wake Your Ears” playing and singing contest held each spring wins wide acclaim from the audience.

2. DC Hip-Hop Club

The essence of dance club is freedom, and if the club proves something, it is the love for hip-hop. DC has undergone enormous changes in past seven years, and today, DC dancers can be found in almost every university gala.

DC Hip-Hop Club

3. Lamp Music Association

Lamp is an acronym for “life and music performance”, meaning the interpretation of “music and life”. Lamp actively carries out various activities to benefit the physical and mental development of its members and enrich students’ campus life. Lamp Music Association is committed to creating the largest music communication platform around students and helping each individual with their stage dreams!

Lamp Music Association

4. Qiyue Cross Talk Association

The Association, founded in March 2013, gathers a group of young people interested in cross talk, and they do everything to make BJTU students fall in love with cross talk and enable students to enjoy high level cross talk performances inside the campus.

Qiyue Cross Talk Association

5. Rainbow of Youth Friendship Chinese-Foreigner Communication Association

Rainbow of Youth Friendship Chinese-Foreigner Communication Association sets up a bridge for friendship between Chinese students and hundreds of international students from more than 100 countries and regions in the world. It promotes friendly exchanges between Chinese and foreign students, and serves as a stage for Chinese students to show their talents. What’s more, the association enriches Chinese students’ campus life, expands their horizons and promotes their understandings of global culture.