BJTU Student Apartments

BJTU Student Apartments is the preferred and most important foreign land for our international students. There are four buildings are available for international student: 1# building, 4# building, 14# building and C# building. All the apartments are double rooms which contain 352 rooms and about 675 beds. Each type has its advantages and students can consider and make their own decisions. Now except 14# building, each apartment have private bathroom in the room. According to the different needs of each apartment, there is a public kitchen, bathroom, laundry room and public toilets on each floor. Each dormitory is equipped with a television, telephone, air conditioner, Internet access, bed, bookshelf desk, chair, wardrobe, TV cabinet. From 2013 onwards, we have added entertainment rooms in each apartment which may help our students enjoy your study and life.

1# Apartment

Restroom in 1# Apartment

Laundry room in 1# Apartment

4# Apartment

Outside view of 4# Apartment

Standard room in 4# Apartment

14# Apartment

Restroom in 14# Apartment

Laundry room in 14# Apartment

C# Jiayuan Apartment

Bedroom in C# Jiayuan Apartment

Kitchen in C# Jiayuan Apartment

Laundry room in C# Jiayuan Apartment