Volunteer Activities

1. Volunteer Monthly Activities

Taking December 5th the International Volunteer Day as an opportunity, BJTU Volunteer Service Group, along with its branches in each school, carries out series of activities in the volunteer month. By holding Beijing University Volunteers Forum, Volunteer Carnival, Smile BJTU-Volunteer Sharing and Exchange Meeting, Graphic Gallery and other activities, it effectively mobilizes and organizes volunteers to show themselves through volunteer services, enables the youth to play an important role in promoting social harmony, and spreads the volunteerism of “dedication, friendship, mutual aid, and progress” for a better understanding of volunteers among teachers and students. It enhances the influence and cohesion of BJTU youth volunteer organizations while contributing to the construction of BJTU campus culture.

Volunteers Carnival

Beijing University Volunteers Forum (sub-forum)

2. Campus Blood Donation

To ease the blood shortage in Beijing, the work BJTU Volunteer Service Group assumes the responsibility to organize, publicize and manage of blood donation among students since its establishment.
To dedicate to our youth--the Group regularly organizes large scale campus blood donation activities, contributing to blood supply of the bank during significant periods.
To spread the love--the Group enables the students to participate in blood collection and advocacy work on blood collection vehicles.
To pass the warmth--the Group also organizes volunteers to donate blood at Beijing Red Cross Blood Center.

3. Clothing and Daily-Use Article Donation

BJTU Volunteer Service Group organizes clothing and daily-use article donations twice a year for five years, and a total of over one thousand people donate more than five thousand pieces of clothing and articles, imposing ever increasing influence at BJTU and winning wide acclaim among students. The donation activity, with the cooperation of United Heart Home of Hope in Beijing, aims to help the children of migrant workers, so that they could feel the warmth of others and their lives safeguarded in a strange and difficult environment. Apart from this, it can also take full advantage of idle clothes and other daily necessities of college students, cultivate college students' awareness of resource conservation and environmental protection, and show the helpfulness and dedication spirit of BJTU students.

4. “Stars Volunteer Teaching” Activity

Graduates Union will conduct “Stars Volunteer Teaching” activities on a regular basis. The attitudes and qualities of volunteers will not only decide whether the activity can be conducted smoothly, but also and more importantly, affect the quality of teaching and school children’s performance. The Volunteer Department of Graduates Union regularly organizes volunteer training and communication activities to ensure that all the volunteers could dedicate themselves with enthusiasm and responsibilities.

BJTU Graduates Union attends a ceremony at Beijing Qinghonglan School, symbolizing a big step in the cooperative relationship between the two sides and the recognition of volunteer teaching campaign.

A volunteer was teaching. Volunteers and kids learn and make progress together in the teaching process.
Volunteers and students take a group photo when the teaching activity ends. Groups of volunteers participate in the teaching activity and they have learned a lot besides knowledge: giving and gratitude, and overcoming difficulties.

5. Summer Social Practice

Summer social practice is an effective way to put into practice the spirit of the 18th CPC Congress and Chinese Dream, develop students’ firm beliefs, skills, innovations, characters and the courage to endure hardship, guide students to know and repay the society, and achieve the promotion of student growth and grass-roots development. The Organization Department of BJTU Youth League Committee organizes summer social practice from June to August in the form of collective teams and individual teams. The coverage of the activity witnesses rapid expansion in recent years, and in 2013, there were a total of 161 teams with up to 2010 members. These teams went to 26 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, Taiwan and even Russia for their summer social practice. The university, 10 teams, 25 achievements, 5 teachers and 5 students are respectively awarded for the excellent performance in summer social practice.

The summer social practice team (“Experiencing Electric Development, Building Green China”) from School of Electrical Engineering went to Chifeng (Inner Mongolia) and Datong (Shanxi) and visited Shanxi Datang International Zuoyun Wind Power Co., Ltd.

Zhang Qian from the summer social practice team of School of Mechanical, Electronic and Control Engineering to Russia is introducing the progress of material research at BJTU.

The summer social practice team from School of Computer and Information Technology went to Shanghai, Nanchang and Jinggangshan and offered a wreath to Jinggangshan martyrs cemetery.

The summer social practice team from School of Civil Engineering went to Shandong for a site investigation.