Athletics and Arts

1. Students Art Troupe

Formally established in June 22, 1991, BJTU Students Art Troupe is the student arts organization under the leadership of BJTU Youth League Committee. The Troupe consists of symphony orchestra, symphonic band, Chinese orchestra, choir, dance troupe, play troupe, marching band, film group and drama club, with more than 600 members covering undergraduate, graduate and international students. Each of these 9 troupes has full-time instructors from the university, and a number of renowned artists at home and abroad are also invited for professional guidance. The Students Art Troupe, a domestic well-known college student troupe, actively participates in international cultural exchange activities and domestic competitions and large-scale performances, and has made remarkable achievements in diversifying campus culture and improving the overall quality of college students. It has won several first prizes in orchestral music, band music, folk music, chorus, dance, drama and opera in Beijing college student art performances over years, and it ranks the top three in terms of total prizes. Its symphony orchestra remains the first prize winner in the first, second and third national college student art performances, thus winning the honor for BJTU and Beijing City.

Since its establishment, the Troupe has always been sticking to the principle of educating people and adhering to the guiding thought "singing the main theme, carrying forward the national spirit, and promoting refined art". It establishes the working philosophy featured by institutionalization, specialization, scale and quality, holds public and special performances regularly in and outside BJTU, and actively participates in performances in various foreign exchanges. It is the first university in China to launch large-scale college version vocal divertimento “The Songs of Long March-The Red Army Is Not Afraid of Long March” which was performed publicly in the Great Hall and Guo'an Theater. “Vibrant Youth” Art Festival, Freshmen Welcome Party, Graduate Party, Campus Art Salon, “December Ninth” Art Show, and New Year Concert have already grown into brands.

BJTU regularly organizes a variety of art activities including “Refined Art into the Campus”, “National Art into the Campus” and “Into the National Theatre” series to constantly improve artistic accomplishments of college students. The Troupe often goes to old revolutionary base areas and remote mountainous areas to give performances during holidays.

Besides domestic performances, the Troupe is also active in international cultural exchange and gives “Confucius Institute” cultural performances in the United States, Denmark, Belgium, the Netherlands, Liberia, Togo as well as other countries. It went to Greece to attend the 50th Leif Fidel Folk Arts Festival and the celebration of the 40th anniversary of establishment of Sino-Greek diplomatic relations. It was also delegated by the Youth League Central Committee to go to South Korea for exchange performances along with Chinese youth delegation, perform together with the American Youth Symphony, and attend the “National Year” series activities held in Russia and the International Folk Dance Music and Arts Festival held in the United States.

Looking to the future, BJTU Students Art Troupe will continue to explore and innovate with the care and support from the university, and spare no efforts to enrich campus life and create a better campus atmosphere!

2. Sports Game

The annual sports game in May is one of the most anticipated events for BJTU students. Valiant athletes on the field and the excited audience form a beautiful scene. The game usually lasts two days, covering up to 147 competitions. The perfect performance of each athlete and the enthusiastic acclaim of the audience explain the greatest charm of this event.

3. Graduation Party? under the Theme of “Love between Teachers and Postgraduates”

With teachers and students performing together, graduation party of Beijing Jiaotong University, under the theme of “Love between Teachers and Postgraduates”, conveyed the postgraduates’ best wishes for BJTU, undertakings for social responsibilities, longings for future and strong attachment to the love between teachers and postgraduates. Meanwhile, it also encouraged postgraduates to strive hard with teachers’ advices and utter innocence to live up to expectations and win honor for their country, society and alma mater.

4. English Culture Carnival for Graduate Students

The annual English Culture Carnival for graduate students is a signature arts activity of our university. Taken English as carrier, it aims to enrich the campus cultural life, to create atmosphere that is positive, unrestrained, elegant and upward and to provide a stage for graduate students to show their talent in English skills by organizing various forms of English talent shows. This activity not only inspires graduate students’ enthusiasm and impulsion to get a brighter future, but also improves the campus spiritual civilization construction.

5.“Find your date-----If you are the one” Blind Date between Graduate Students

“Find your date-----If you are the one” Blind Date between Graduate Students holds in every May and December, on the purpose of enriching extracurricular life of graduate students and build a link between single ladies and gentlemen. This activity could guide graduate students in building up active outlook, values and view of making friends, leading to the development on life, study and career.

6.Orienteering Competition within Graduate Students

Orienteering competition within graduate students holds every September, aiming to get graduate students to be familiar with the campus environment and BJTU’s culture. Graduate students involved have received happiness and improvement in athletics and group work.

7.“Zhixing Cup” Sports Festival of Graduate Students

Basketball competition and football competition in “Zhixing Cup” Sports Festival are conventional sports activities in BJTU. These activities commits to enrich extracurricular life of graduate students and to foster the communication among schools. It also helps graduate students to build up good bodies and enhance their sense of community.