Credits & Semesters

1. Credits
The undergraduate programs of BJTU adopt flexible credit system. 
Students get eligibility for graduation after meeting the credits requirement and get bachelor degree after meeting the requirements of awarding degree of the university.


Science and Engineering

Economics and Management

Literature, Law and Art



Graduation credit requirements

About 165

About 160

About 155

About 206

About 30


  •  For students who major in science and engineering (four-year), 165 credits are required; in economics and management, 160 credits are required; in literature, law and art, 155 credits are required; in architecture (five-year), 206 credits are required.
  • The proportion of optional courses credits is no less than 35%, and credits of practical teaching is no less than 30%. 
  • As for minor program, 30 credits are required. Students who meet the credits requirement and GPA requirement can obtain the certificates.

2. Semesters
The basic length of schooling is 4 years which includes 8 normal (spring and autumn) semesters and 3 summer semesters. The normal semesters are numbered 1 through 8 and the summer semesters are numbered S1 through S3. Each normal semester consists of 16-week lectures followed by review and final exams. Each summer semester, including summer vacation, is used to arrange concentrated practice, international exchange, Research Training projects and Academic Competitions etc.