Graduate Programs

Training Quality Improvement Plan of Top-notch Talents

BJTU implements quality improvement plan of Top-notch talent training, focusing on strengthening the cultivation of graduate students' research, innovation capabilities and international communication capabilities. Specifically including:

(1) Postgraduate Innovation Research Fund

In order to perfect the training model of academic graduate students with the goal of improving innovation ability, BJTU has set up a graduate student innovation research fund to subsidize graduate students in the form of scientific research projects, and focus on supporting the scientific research and innovation activities of doctoral students. The amount of funding for postgraduate innovation projects is 10,000 yuan per item for category I and 30,000 yuan per item for category II.

(2) nternational Academic Exchange Fund for Doctoral Students

       In order to broaden the academic vision of doctoral students and stimulate innovative thinking, BJTU has established an international academic exchange fund for doctoral students to support outstanding doctoral students to visit abroad and participate in high-level international academic conferences in this field.

(3) National Publicly Sponsored Postgraduate Project

       In order to serve the country's economic and social development and the strategy of strengthening the country with talents, and to cultivate a group of top-notch innovative talents with an international perspective, familiar with international rules, and able to participate in international affairs and competition, the Management Committee of the China Scholarship Council implements the national publicly-sponsored graduate program. As one of the contracted universities for the“National Construction of Public Postgraduate Projects for High-level University”, BJTU selects national publicly-sponsored joint doctoral students and postgraduates for doctoral degrees every year, the number of recommended places is not limited.