Postgraduate Education Requirements

Scientific Research and Dissertation

Conducting scientific research and writing dissertations is the main way to train graduate students in scientific research ability and cultivate innovation ability. It is also one of the important basis for measuring whether graduate students can obtain a degree. The main procedure includes (should include but not limited to the following content, the details and assessment requirements are determined by the disciplines):

(1) Doctoral qualification assessment

Before the doctoral dissertation stage, a comprehensive review of doctoral students is generally completed in the third semester, focusing on whether they have the necessary basic theories and expertise to engage in doctoral dissertation work.

(2) Thesis Opening Report

Ph.D students hold the thesis opening reports after passing the doctoral qualification assessment, and usually complete it before the end of the 4. semester. The time from the opening report to the submission of the application paper for review shall not be less than one year. The time from the opening report to the application for defense shall not be less than half a year.

(3) Mid-term inspection of the dissertation and professional practice assessment

The mid-term inspection of the dissertation is a periodic inspection of the dissertation work, organized by the college.

The university implements a professional practice assessment system for graduate students of professional degree who must follow professional practice requirements.

(4)  Requirements of Thesis Defense

The defense of doctoral dissertation and degree awarding work shall be implemented in accordance with the "Regulations on Defense of Doctoral Dissertation and Degree Application of Beijing Jiaotong University".

The requirements for the defense of master's thesis shall be implemented in accordance with the university’s regulations.

(5) Achievement requirements

Before applying for the defense of the dissertation, doctoral students should meet the requirements for research results in accordance with the relevant regulations of the "Requirements for Innovative Academic Achievements of Doctoral Candidates of Beijing Jiaotong University".

Before applying for the defense of the dissertation, the requirements of the research results that should be published or completed by the graduate students shall be specified by the relevant requirements of the schools or disciplines.