The Training Program on High-speed Railway Technology for the Saint Petersburg State Transport University, Russia Opens

On the afternoon of April 9, 2015, the Opening Ceremony of the Training Program on High-speed Railway Technology for the Saint Petersburg State Transport University (PSTU), Russia was held at the Mechanical Engineering Building. Vice President CHEN Feng, Vice Rector Igor Kiselev and 20 BJTU teachers and students attended the opening ceremony.

First, CHEN Feng extended warm welcome to the Russian guests, introduced the construction progress of the China-Russia Jiaotong Institute and reviewed the long history of friendly exchange between the two universities for over half a century. In the 1950s, BJTU has selected 17 students to study at PSTU and made great contributions to China’s railway construction when they came back to China. BJTU is now working on the compilation of the book “Infinite Road: Historical Records of Friendly Exchange for China-Russia Jiaotong Institute”, paying tribute to the friendship between BJTU and PSTU. He said this training program was the first program that conducted under the new cooperation mechanism of BJTU and PSTU and he hoped that both sides would realize resource sharing in the near future to carry out deeper cooperation.

Then, Igor Kiselev said in his speech that BJTU has won the trust and respect of PSTU for its high quality, feature, competiveness, passion and sincerity. Half a century ago, BJTU selected 17 students to study at PSTU, and today PSTU sent 17 students to study at BJTU.

Afterwards, Igor Kiselev put on the school badge of PSTU for CHEN Feng with his own hands. CHEN Feng pointed out that we are one family from now on and we could continue to carry out multi-level and all-round activities to achieve win-win development.

This training session will last for 10 days, including 4 special lectures on the technology of China’s high-speed railway and visits of the University laboratories, Beijing South Railway Station, Beijing-Tianjin Intercity Railway and Beijing Railway Bureau.

Principals from the Center for International Education and Office of International Affairs were also present at the opening ceremony.