The Emeritus President of The Institution of Engineering and Technology Visits BJTU

March 28th, 2024, President YU Zujun met with the visiting delegation head by President Bob Cryan, Emeritus President of The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) and President of University of Huddersfield. Vice President GUAN Zhongliang of BJTU also attended the meeting.

YU Zujun extended a warm welcome to the visiting delegation. He provided a brief introduction of BJTU’s history, characteristic disciplines, scientific achievements as well as the construction of the new campus located in Xiong’An. He pointed out that by leveraging advantages of strength disciplines such as Information and Management, Traffic and Transportation, BJTU has cultivated a considerable amount of talents for the country and the industry, contributing to technological innovation and industrial development of the national sectors. As a world-renowned academic institution, IET enjoys great affinity with BJTU’s academic settings. He hopes that both parties could cooperate in personnel exchanges, research and academic partnership by sourcing from their respective advantages.

President Cryan expressed his gratitude for the warm reception and presented the development, business scope and main operation of IET. He pointed out that IET aims to foster the next generation of engineers by providing them with academic support, career development advice and platforms for research exchanges. He noted that many BJTU professors are members of the IET, which already laid a solid foundation for cooperation between the two institutions. He looks forward to conducting multi-disciplinary talent exchanges and research cooperation. Meanwhile, President Cryan also invited BTJU faculties and students to join IET, participate in various international competitions and publish research findings in IET journals.

The IET delegation also visited the History Museum of BJTU and the State Key Laboratory of Advanced Rail Autonomous Operation.


Officials from School of Electronic and Information Engineering and Office of International Affairs attended the meeting.


The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) is a leading specialized organization in engineering and technology with channels all over the world. It is currently home to over 154,000 members in 148 countries. IET is headquartered in London, UK, with branch offices in America, China and India. Globally, IET has partnered with more than 250 enterprises, including world-renowned corporations such as Microsoft, Intel, Cisco, IBM, ABB, Schneider, British Petroleum, British Telecom and BAE System. IET first established its China Membership Center back in 1923 in Shanghai and established its official office in Beijing in 2005. IET provides support and assistance to engineers at all stages of their career. It organizes many international conferences, forums and seminars globally each year and has published over 700 monographs. Furthermore, IET is qualified to grant the International Chartered Engineer Certification.