President NING Bin Met with Distinguished Guests of Global Universities

During the 120th anniversary celebration, President NING Bin met with the distinguished guests from global universities or institutes who were invited to attend the 120th anniversary celebration activities and 2016 Global University President Summit including Rochester Institute of Technology (U.S.), INSA Centre Val de Loire (Russia), Moscow State University of Railway Engineering (Russia), Siberian Transport University (Russia), Far Eastern State Transport University (Russia), Urals State University of Railway Transport (Russia), University of Macao (Macau) and MTR Academy (Hong Kong). NING Bin expressed heartfelt thanks to all the presented guests and exchanged views with them on the future cooperation and development of BJTU.

NING Bin conducted in-depth exchange with Mr. William Destler, President of Rochester Institute of Technology, U.S. He spoke highly of the Chinese-foreign collaborations in running school program between BJTU and RIT. Mr. William Destler hoped that both parties would enhance bilateral cooperation to increase cooperative s on the basis of the existing programs. He also presented special gift to BJTU for the 120th anniversary celebration.

NING Bin exchanged views on future collaborations with Mr. Jean Marie Castelain, CEO of INSA CVL. Mr. Jean Marie Castelain hoped that both sides would further strengthen cooperation on student exchange and joint education.

NING Bin met with guests from Russian universities and also the members of the Association of China-Russia Transport University including Aleksei Manakov, President of Siberian Transport University,  Iurii Davydov, Rector of Far Eastern State Transport University, Vladimir Glazkov, Pro-Rector of Moscow State University of Railway Engineering and Sergei Bushuev, Vice-Rector of Ural State University of Railway Transport. NING Bin hoped that both sides would further promote the construction of China-Russia High-speed Railway Research Center and Russia-China Jiaotong Institute, assist the development of Moscow-Kazan High-speed Railway project and enhance joint scientific research and talent cultivation. The guests also presented their special gifts for the 120th anniversary of BJTU.

NING Bin met with Mr. ZHAO Wei, President of University of Macau. He introduced the recent development of BJTU and invited Mr. ZHAO Wei to be the member of International Advisory Committee of BJTU. The joining of Mr. ZHAO Wei in the Committee will fill the blank of the member in the Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions and help optimize the regional layout. Mr. ZHAO Wei was happy to be invited and also presented special gift to BJTU.

NING Bin met with Mr. Morris Cheung from MTR Academy, Hong Kong, to expressed hope that both sides would carry out in-depth cooperation on faculty building, personnel training and talent cultivation.

During the celebration, BJTU also exchanged views with the distinguished guests from Lancaster University, Dalhousie University, Egyptian Chinese University, National Chiao Tung University and Mr. Gregory Chan, Rod Muttrum and Ali Hessami from the International Advisory Committee of BJTU.

The guests spoke highly of the achievements of BJTU made in the past 120 years and extended congratulations to the 120th anniversary celebration of BJTU. Also, they expressed expectations for the future cooperative relations with BJTU.

Principals from the School of Civil Engineering, School of Electronic and Information Engineering, State Key Laboratory of Rail Traffic Control and Safety, Center for International Education and Office of International Affairs were also presented at the meeting.