Library Card

All-in-one card functions as the library card that used by readers to have access to library resources and services including borrowing books, reading books and logging into My Account System. When logging into My Account with the all-in-one card number and the original code 666, readers can reserve and renew books, or modify personal information online. Such information as the number of borrowed books, the date of returning books, and the amount of the fine will be recorded in My Account System.

Library Card Lost and Reapplication
If the all-in-one card is lost, the reader should report the loss and reapply for it as soon as possible ( The loss caused by missing all-in-one card is supposed to be compensated by the reader.
If anyone finds the lost all-in-one card, please turn it in to the librarians. Anyone who embezzles the card of someone else will be punished for it.

Leaving the University and Writing off
In case of leaving university, readers should take the all-in-one card and leaving university formalities to the library to return all the books and clear the debt. And the deposit for the card will be returned.
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