Alumni Activity

Grand Business Leadership Lecture Hall Held in BJTU

On 16th and 17th May, 2013, the eve of the 7th JTU Global Alumni Business Leader Summit, BJTU held the JTU Business LeadershipLecture Hall, in which well-known alumni including LI Jibing, BAI Hongfa, DU Jiabin, LIAO Qingfeng, GU Chunquan, WEI Junkai, JIANG Hongfa, JIN Ningyun and LIU Xiubo brought about eight cultural feasts for teachers and students of our university. They enlightened the students based on their life experience and thoughts: Success is not far away, but needs great ideals and solid work.

Keynote speech by LI Jibing: My Chinese Dream and American Dream

Keynote speech by BAI Hongfa: Doing What You Like rather than Liking What You Do

Keynote report by DU Jiabin: From Personal IT to Mobile Internet

Keynote report by LIAO Qingfeng: You, He and Me in Information Age

Keynote report by JIANG Hongfa: Appreciating Alma Mater and Accomplishing Our Dreams

Keynote report by JIN Ningyun: Efforts for Success

Keynote speech by GU Chunquan: Future Entrepreneurship Trend from the Perspective of Development and Application of Internet of Things

Keynote report by WEI Junkai: Internet of Things

Keynote report by LIU Xiubo: Talking About Foreign Education, Professional Training and Sino-Japan Relations

The 7th JTU Global Alumni Business Leadership Summit Held in Beijing Jiaotong University
On 18th May, 2013, the grand 7th JTU Global Alumni Business Leadership Summit was held in our university. It was hosted by Jiaotong University North America Alumni Association and Beijing Jiaotong University, and co-sponsored by Shanghai Jiaotong University, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Southwest Jiaotong University, and National Chiao Tung University.

Leaders, more than 400 alumni of five "Jiaotong" universities and guests gathered together from China and foreign countries to enjoy the grand conference, including LI Tie, Director of Urban and Small-town Reform Development Center, National Development and Reform Commission, LIN Yifu, former Chief Economist and Senior Vice President of World Bank, Standing Committee member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, Honorary President of National School of Development at Peking University, and Director of Academic Committee at China Center for Industrial Security Research of BJTU, MA Kaigui, President of Jiaotong University North America Alumni Association, CAO Guoyong, Chairman of University Council of BJTU, President NING Bin, MA Dexiu, Chairperson of University Council of STU, LU Tianjian, Vice President of Xi'an Jiaotong University, CHEN Chunyang, President of Southwest Jiaotong University, WU Yanhua, President of National Chiao Tung University, GAO Yan, Vice Chairperson of University Council, Vice President LIU Jun, and Assistant President ZHENG Guangtian of our university, XU Fei, Vice President of Shanghai Jiaotong University, and Assistant President YAN Liangyu, PU Yun, Vice President of Southwest Jiaotong University, and HUANG Zhibin, Vice President of National Chiao Tung University.

Director LI Tie introduced the current tendency and future sustainable development mode of China's urbanization to alumni of "Jiaotong" universities and guests in the opening ceremony. MA Kaigui, a JTU alumnus and President of JTU North America Alumni Association said that the summit had become the conference for Chinese and oversea JTU alumni, and North America Alumni Association would spare no efforts to bring in outstanding talents to serve their Alma Mater. Alumnus LI Hejun, a business elite, clarified the relation between "enterprise dream" and "Chinese dream" in the opening ceremony, and hoped each JTU student could shoulder the great mission of national rejuvenation. XUAN Mingzhi, an alumnus of National Chiao Tung University hoped the alumni could cooperate closely in key industrial fields in the future, play the group intelligent system, and endeavor to play an important part in the world stage. Alumnus BI Qi shared the successful invention and innovation experience of Bell Labs where he served with other alumni and teachers and students, and hoped that JTU people could make efforts in innovation, build bright science and technology environment, and do our part for the achievement of "Chinese dream". Professor LIN Yifu gave a lecture titled "Current World Economy and China's Economic Development", in which he analyzed the world economic trend in recent years, and fully stated the economic development prospect and huge potential of China.

In the afternoon, four sub-forums were held with themes of “Deepening Reform While Maintaining Steady Growth: Technological Finance Innovation in the Age of Big Data”, “New Energy and New Direction Guide Green Development”, "Regional Coordination, People-orientation and New Phase for Transportation Industry Development Under the Background of Urbanization” and “Efficiently and Effectively Focus on Diversified Development of Bio-industry and New Information Technology”. Many specially-invited guests attended the sub-forums and discussed frontier technologies and its development in the related fields.

The Summit also contained “Seminar on Strategic Development of Jiaotong Universities”. Many university leaders attended the seminar and discussed the issues on exchange, cooperation and development of 5 Jiaotong Universities. After the seminar, university leaders took test drives on electro-mobiles that our university jointly developed, which launched our project of “Trial Operation of Hundreds of Electro-mobiles”. Later, leaders of 5 universities earthed up and watered the “Same Root Tree” that was planted 12 years ago in Fanghua Garden, expressing their best wishes to the splendid future of their Alma Maters.

JTU Global Alumni Business Leader Summit is initiated by Jiaotong University North American Alumni Association and 5 Jiaotong Universities, and is held every two years by a Jiaotong University and Jiaotong University North American Alumni Association. Since 2003, the Summit has been successfully held for six times in Shanghai, Beijing, Xi’an, Xinzhu, Chengdu and Jiangsu. As a brand built by 5 Jiaotong Universities, the Summit is an important opportunity for exchange and communication, and an evidence of relationship between these five Jiaotong Universities. The Summit makes outstanding contribution to the cooperation and exchange of alumni in the region and around the whole world, and it also provides an effective platform for communicationamong universities and alumni on both sides of the Taiwan Straits. This year as university on duty, BJTU held the Summit for the second time. The theme of the Summit this year is “Transportation and Thinking Connect the World”. BJTU aims to make this Summit an academic event that can deepen mutual understanding of 5 Jiaotong Universities, promote innovation and discussion on development strategies.

BJTU Tibetan Alumni Association’s Visit to Tibetan Special School for Blind Children
On 24th August, 2013, BJTU Tibetan Alumni Association visited Tibetan Special School for Blind Children, which also commemorated the first anniversary of the founding of Tibetan Alumni Association. More than 20 alumni prepared delicious food and had lunch together with the students. They discussed problems and experiences that students encountered in their life and study. Alumni also helped students to clean classrooms and wash clothes. The principal of the blind school, Mr. Nimaciren welcomed alumni and introduced the situation of the school. He also paid tribute to alumni’s enthusiasm in promoting public welfare and caring for blind children.

The Successful Hosting of the First “Find Destiny and Love” Social Party of Young Alumni
On 21st December, 2013, “Find Destiny and Love” Social Party of Young Alumni was held at the multi-function room on the third floor of Service Center of Student Activity at BJTU. 40 young alumni attended the party, and they all expressed their gratitude to the host of this activity. Some also raised suggestions and wished for more similar activities. This activity enlarged the social circle of young alumni and provided a platform for them to communicate.

The 1st “Students of Knowledge and Practice @ Walking” Brisk Walking Competition of BJTU
Again it is in autumn, the most beautiful season of BJTU. Students and alumni gathered to express their love to BJTU. The First “Students of Knowledge and Practice @ Walking” Brisk Walking Competition initiated by BJTU Beijing Alumni Association was held in BJTU successfully on 10th November, 2013.