Achievements and Honors

For a long time, the university has been following the objective laws of the educational teaching and cultivation of talents. It put the promotion of the healthy development of students as priority. The university optimizes the design at the top level, and attempts to apply advanced teaching idea to the process of talents cultivation, and receives fruitful and high-quality teaching awards and construction projects at all level.

In recent years, BJTU was awarded 1 super prize, 3 first prizes and 18 second prizes of National Teaching Achievements and 1 super prize, 40 first prizes and 46 second prizes of Beijing Municipal Teaching Achievements. 3 National Pilot Education Reform Programs and 1 National Pilot Education Reform School of BJTU were approved. 8 undergraduate programs are listed in the National Excellent Engineer Education Program.

In addition, BJTU owns 7 National Pilot Comprehensive Reform Programs, 13 National Characteristic Programs, 9 Beijing Municipal Characteristic Programs, 6 National Experimental Teaching Centers, 3 National Virtual Simulation Experiment Teaching Center,9 Beijing Municipal Experimental Teaching Centers, 3 National Off-campus Practice Base for College Students, 7 National Engineering Practice and Education Centers, 8 National Teaching Teams, 10 Beijing Municipal Teaching Teams, 6 Excellent Video Open Courses, 19 Resource-Sharing Courses, 32 National Excellent Courses, 39 Beijing Municipal Excellent Courses, 42 textbooks of 34 categories of the National Undergraduate Textbook Plan, 9 categories of National Excellent Textbooks, 89 categories of Beijing Municipal Excellent Textbooks, 1 National Faculty and Teaching Development Center, 1 National Cultural Quality Education Base for College Students and 2 National Engineering Teaching Bases of Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Physics.


Over the past 5 years, the university has carried out 2,294 different students scientific research training programs, including 391 on anational-level and 378 from Beijing Municipality. Over 40,000 people have participated in 438 various academic competitions with 147 international awards, 971national awards, and 1,100 municipal awards.