Confucius Institute Scholarship Program

Beijing Jiaotong University is authorized by the Confucius Institute headquarters (Hanban) to enroll the Confucius Institute Scholarship students to study Chinese for one semester or one academic year since 2009. Until September 2015, 109 Confucius Institute students from 27 countries have been studied in Beijing jiaotong University. Foreign students who are recommended by the local Confucius Institute or embassy and have HSK certificates can apply for the Confucius Institute scholarship. Please find more in the website:

After the placement test, Confucius Institute Scholarship students can study in the Chinese Language classes of different levels. In order to help students to know more about the influence to Chinese Cultures by Confucius, understand Confucius from the point of cross-cultural awareness, reach the goal to "know China, being friendly to China, love China", and build a bridge to communication with each other, we have been organized the cultural activities for the Confucius Institute Scholarship students, including reading the Analects of Confucius, visiting many places of cultural interests, and many cities with a long time history.

Visiting the Confucius Institute Headquarter (Hanban) and participated in the celebration of Confucius Institute Day


 Participating in My Dream and China Writing and Reading Composition


Taking Chinese calligraphy and painting class 


 Participating the cultural activity named Discovery of Beijing Time-honored Brand Stores


The Colombian Confucius Institute scholarship students have volunteered to teach primary students in Taijing


Suzhou cultural trip


Inter Mongolia cultural trip