About BJTU

XU Anguo

Prof. XU Anguo was born in Taixing City, Jiangsu Province in July 1971. He joined the Communist Party of China in March 1993. Majoring in Railway Vehicle Management, he graduated from Northern Jiaotong University with a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering in July 1994. After graduation, Prof. XU Anguo began his professional career and continued with his research and academic pursuit. In March 2000, he received his Master’s degree in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. In July 2013, he received his Doctoral degree in Management Science and Engineering. Prof. XU Anguo has served in Beijing Jiaotong University successively as Deputy Chief and Head of the Personnel and Labor Section of the Office of Human Resources, Deputy Director of the Supervision Office, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Mechanical, Electronic and Control Engineering, Deputy Director and Director of the Office of Human Resources, Director of Office of Party Committee Affairs, Member of the 10th and 11th Party Committee. In September 2019, Prof. XU Anguo was appointed as Member of the 11th Standing Committee and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of BJTU.